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There is a new spring in the step of LibDem Lembit Öpik. Defeated Tory AM Glyn Davies is threatening to oppose the Cheeky Boy in the General Election.

From a guessable source is the recycling of the story of when Glyn was stopped by the police for a minor traffic offence. He climbed out of his lorry in his underpants, wellington boots and jacket. He was driving a lorry load of sheep.

He explained his lack of trousers to PC Plod by stating that he had fallen in manure and removed them. There was rich ribaldry in the Assembly at the picture conjured up by the story of the embarrassed A.M. in his underpants and Wellington boots driving his load of sheep.

Not to worry, Glyn does have a sense of humour. In the dark days of the Tory Government I coined a word to represent the people that the Tory government were putting on the quangos that then ruled Wales. It was Tory Welsh Establishment Male or TWEM.

That Christmas, Glyn, an occupier of many quango seats, kindly sent me a card signed ‘Glyn (TWEM)’.