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London's lost leader Lembit


If you have tears to cry, shed them for London. Lembit is not standing for mayor. The city must struggle on somehow bereft of his  sumptuous gifts, some of which are listed here:-

Talent Spotter: Lembit masterminded Charles Kennedy's  fight to retain the leadership against Ming’s challenge. He was campaign manager and the only MP supporting  Mark Oaten as leader. He then nominated Mark  as the  Channel Four parliamentarian of the year, memorably drooling, “The best thing about Mark is that he is full of surprises.”

Pilot: Broke his back  himself trying to fly without an engine in his craft



Charmer: Melissa Mai said: "Lembit's very loud opening gambit was, 'Are they real then?' pointing to my breasts. His former finance described him as a  “barfly”.

Modest: Placed mayoral candidates in order of merit saying "Me, Boris and Ken would be a splendid contest. I would bring star value to the campaign.”

Loyal: Wrote to Jack Straw denouncing Derby Lib-Dems  local election  tactics.

Serious: The paper he insist on reading every day is the Daily Sport.

Consistent: Opposed fox hunting as an urban politician, invented a ‘middle way’ as MP for a rural area. Half-killing the fox...Hunting with cats?

Elegant: especially in his choice of headgear.