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It was a joy to visit St Michael's school Pill to congratulate them on their wonderful inspectors' report.

Headmaster Michael Williams proudly took me on a tour of this happy school built around an attractive wildlife courtyard, packed with shrubs, water features, birds and a squirrel that dropped in.

The classrooms are all named after colours in Welsh. We both had Welsh greetings from Dosbarth Glas to Dosbarth Porffor. The senior pupils had a barrage of questions. The staff said they had prepared them themselves.

It's never an easy task to answer ten-year-olds' questions with the directness with which they are asked while using an appropriate vocabulary. Queries included many about an MP's job, why I am a 'rebel', why did I become an MP, what problems people raised with me, the 90days vote, police manning, school bullies and teenagers gathering at street corners.

After the formal questions, there was a free for all discussion in which the children proved their full understanding of current events. It was a marvellous stimulating afternoon. It's reassuring to know that Newport schools are in good hands and the quality of education here is second to none.