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The little hen of summer

August 13th 2007

The joyous days of recess allow delicious luxuries like opening a new hairdressers in Newport.

Sharon Porretta proudly displayed her stylish new salon in Cardiff Road. An experienced hairdresser, this is her first solo venture which is a delight and enhances a previously unattractive corner of town. The salon is lavishly appointed with elegance and restraint. Her one extravagance is an indulgence of butterflies that are the Snip Snap's motif.


A Sharon favourite, she likes the two Welsh words for butterfly, Pili Pala and Iar fach yr haf (the little hen of summer).

While a great deal is made of Newport's main employers, the vast bulk of Newport's jobs are in medium and small businesses. So well presented is Sharon's Snip Snap, it has a guarantee of success.

The Salon is the result of the Porretta family's labour of love. The name is well known throughout Newport. The Porrettas are more of a clan than a family and they have served the city of Newport well in many walks of life. Happy snip- snapping!

Thanks for letting me cut the ribbon Sharon.