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February 12th 2008

Lavish praise from satisfied citizens is rare. There was unanimity this afternoon at the newly opened residential centre for the elderly Cwrt y Capel, Pillgwenlly.

The Mayor Allan Morris spoke of the high quality of everything. Residents have individual rooms that would grace a five star hotel. The designs were greatly influenced by people of pensions age who stressed the need for a maximum share of independent life.


They can mix communally when they wish, but everyone has a beautifully appointed room of their own with full en suite facilities.


The children of multi-ethnic Pillgwenlly School chose the name of Cwrt y Capel (Court of the Chapel) and the school council helped to plant a commemorative tree.

This is the third development of this kind.  The Newport City Council deserves congratulations on these splendid homes. Yes, I will put my name down for a place. But not just yet.