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Outstanding Malpas

Malpas Court School

An exhilarating afternoon at Malpas Court School revealed that this is a truly outstanding school - well worthy of the praise heaped on staff and pupils in the recent Inspectors' Report. The school were celebrating Easter.



I was escorted around the school by Acting Head Debbie Guy, Governor Councillor David Mayer and pupil Kayleigh Hooper.

Having recently visited schools in Finland and Sweden, the quality of the work at Malpas Court fully justifies the claim that our schools are among the best in the world.

Well done Malpas Court and Newport City Education!

More pictures on School website http://www.newportsouthwales.net/malpascourt/
Another good website is that of the Malpas Trust
And the Malpas Three at http://www.themalpasthree.org.uk/

Part of the Inspector's report says:- The percentage of Grade 1 and Grade 2 lessons is well above the national target of 50% of lessons to be these categories. 17. In the nursery and reception, the teachers show an outstanding appreciation of the needs of these children. They know how to plan and organise lessons that are very stimulating and enjoyable for these children. 18. Across the school in KS1 and KS2 in the very best lessons, outstanding features include: - • Very warm and positive relationships between teachers and their pupils. • Very stimulating and exciting teaching which makes the subjects being taught come to life. • Very clear and precise explanations of what pupils should learn during the lessons and detailed reviews to check that the lesson objectives have been met. • Outstanding subject knowledge and skills in demonstrating what pupils should aim to achieve. • Confident use of incidental Welsh to promote pupils’ bilingual skills. • Very well developed strategies to encourage personal skills and a sense of responsibility.


Arrangements to monitor pupils’ long-term achievements and progress are very rigorous and teachers use this information very well to ensure that many pupils reach or exceed the realistic targets set for them. They also use shorter-term targets for individual pupils very effectively to raise standards of achievement. All teachers monitor their pupils’ progress regularly. However, the school has correctly identified the need to complete the process of putting in place collections of pupils’ work in all subjects to indicate the standards which pupils should achieve year on year. 20. The curriculum is very broad and very well balanced. It meets legal requirements and reflects very well the needs of all pupils, including those from different backgrounds. It is very well organised to promote pupils’ basic and key skills. An outstanding feature is the wide variety of visits out of school and visitors to the school, which considerably enriches pupils’ learning. Links with industry and the world of work are strong. Arrangements to promote pupils’ personal development, including their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, have some very strong features. These include some outstanding arrangements to foster pupils’ social development. Provision for cultural development, and an understanding of Y Cwricwlwm Cymreig, are also strong features. In art, the recognition of Welsh artists in pupils’ everyday work is an outstanding feature. 21. The quality of care, guidance and support is good with outstanding features. The school has a very positive ethos and every pupil is involved and included. There are very positive links with parents. Induction arrangements for the early years are carefully planned and implemented. There are well-organised policies and procedures to monitor pupils’ attendance, punctuality, behaviour and performance. Pupils with SEN are very well supported and have outstanding provision, which leads to an inclusive curriculum where all pupils are valued and have equal access to their learning.

Leadership and management 22. The leadership shown by the acting headteacher is very strong and is based on a very clear vision for the future of the school. Outstanding features include a very rigorous analysis of the school’s strengths and areas for development leading to very well constructed, co-ordinated and effective plans to address shortcomings. The leadership of the senior management team is cohesive. It has promoted very successfully a commitment from all staff to have high expectations and to give pupils the best opportunities they can to help them succeed. There are very thorough arrangements, which are regularly used, to judge the effectiveness of teaching and learning across the school. This outstanding leadership is beginning to drive up standards further, but has yet to have its full impact. 23. The governing body is closely involved in the life of the school and is well led. It has a strong sense of direction and purpose. It holds the acting headteacher to account in a positive and constructive way. The school self-evaluation document is very carefully constructed and reflects the opinions of staff, governors, parents and older pupils. It is very closely linked to the school development plan (SDP) and a three-year school improvement plan. Where the school’s self evaluation has inaccuracies, this is due to the improvements made in the school since the self-evaluation was completed in June 2005. 24. The accommodation is good.

The school provides a very attractive and stimulating environment for the children in the early years and for pupils in KS1 and KS2. The school is very well staffed for the number of pupils. Learning resources are of a very good quality and quantity. Resources are carefully matched to the school’s needs. 25. Overall, bearing in mind the standards of achievement of many pupils by the age of eleven, often from a well below average base, together with the outstanding quality of teaching and exceptional leadership of the school, the school gives good value for money. The progress made by the school since its last inspection is good with outstanding features.