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New State Radio

A group that combines the raw Newport chutzpah of Goldie Looking Chain and the hard political edge of the Manic Street Preachers has arrived.

New State Radio are creating waves in Newport and Liverpool. A gig that should not be missed will be at the Meze Pub in Market Street on St David's Day March 1st. A brand new song will be introduced that will rattle a few Welsh prejudices. All four members of the group are hard-core Newport nationalists and County supporters.

Four talented musicians and singers, they write their own lyrics. They include biting comments on contemporary political issues plus quiet reflective pieces.

Unlike the banal repetitive dross of most lyrics, these slam the listener hard in the conscience. Here are a few samples

Lebanon Is Burning

So this is how you fight?
Like thieves in the night.
Invading their borders,
On American orders.

The innocent will suffer,
The innocent will suffer,
The guilty will all profit-
'Suffer little children, come unto me'.

We've come to burn your country down,
Burn it to the ground
And we're never gonna free it,
Never gonna free it.

Sons To The Guns

Should have said to their sons 'Don't go',
Should have said to their sons 'We know
What it is to be angry,
Angry and scared'.

Should have said to their sons 'Don't leave',
Should have said to their sons 'Believe
Us when we tell you,
You'll never come home.'

Animal farm

We all had our own farm
In the dream he had.
We all come to no more harm
In the dream he had.
Four legs good, two legs bad