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20th July 2007


It was great day to open something named "Labour Ready". It's an instant supplier of Labour on a daily basis.  Their Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) test centre was launched today. Their amiable manager Scott Hall told me about their high standards of safety and their social conscience.


The office opens at 05:30 and stays open until 19:00.  Workers come into the office and wait for work. The minimum usage period is just four hours.  Labour Ready is different from other staffing companies in that its customers can hire temporary workers into full-time positions after the first day on the job and without charge.

Every Labour Ready branch has its own store of safety equipment that is available, free of charge, to temporary workers.  The CSCS aims to set an industry standard for the quality of work onsite, to improve industry health and safety and to encourage construction employers to use competent workers. The test centre will provide a permanent base for the company’s temporary workers to sit the test. 

Fellow MPs Helen Jones and Brian Iddon told me that they are good guys. The large influx of Eastern Europeans and the many construction projects  should make life busy for the Newport branch.