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Homage to the International Brigade.

Big Pit was the venue for a day of Commemoration of the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War.

The guest of honour was to have been Alun Menai Williams who sadly died aged 93 two weeks ago. Warm tributes were paid to Wales's last survivor of the volunteers. It was said that he had 'the Heart of a lion and the sensitivity of a poet.'

Two of the Basque refugee children who came to Caerleon in 1936 were there. The story is a remarkable one. It churned up some unhappy memories. A sister and brother were there, Josefina Savery and Gerardo Alvarez. It was the end of the family. Their parents and siblings were killed by Franco’s army. They have happy memories of the the small community of Basque children who are forever grateful that they came to Wales where public sympathy was with them. They reminded that the football team they formed was ‘never beaten.’

The afternoon was changed to a tribute to Alun Menai Williams and Sarah Dickins’ film about Alun ‘Return Journey” was shown. It was shown again on be on BBC Wales’s televison again but inexplicably has not yet been seen on the network.