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What's Gordon done?
Letters to the Editor,South Wales Argus.

What's Gordon Brown ever done for pensioners?

After 17 years of annual salami Tory cuts in the basic pension, he increased the average pensioner household income by £1,500 a year above inflation. For the first time, 3 million pensioners get pension credit worth an average of £42 a week. 12 million receive the £200 winter fuel allowance. Nearly 4 million enjoy free TV licences and free passports. On top of that are free eye tests, flu jabs and new compensation for war veterans.

VAT on fuel has been cut to 5 % and the poorest third of pensioners are £2,000 better off after inflation than they were in 1997.

One of your readers parrots the Tory hysterical feeding frenzy against the Chancellor on dividend tax. That 5bn a year is minor compared with the £500 billion lost to pension funds by the stock market fall.  If Gordon had not used that cash, it would have been squandered by bloated companies in contribution holidays. Instead it was all invested in health and education.

What’s Gordon done? He's been the best Chancellor for pensioners for a 100 years.