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Fox-killing ban Works



The first hunting day after the ban proves a l success.

Some foxes were killed and four arrests were made for killing a hare. Hunts claim to be obeying the law by changing to drag hunts. That means no cruelty, no jobs or pageantry lost and no horses or hounds destroyed. One West Wales Hunt sought instructions from Germany on running a drag hunt.

This is exactly what was intended by the ban. All hunters will lose is their cruelty. When I asked the late Michael Colvin MP in a previous bill’s debate, why he would not change to drag hunting he replied 'That would be like kissing your sister.'

All the hunters have lost is the sordid pleasure gained from killing a living creature. Now, there is no need to breed foxes to be hunted. The excuse of pest control was destroyed by the leaking of plea by the Master of Foxhounds Association to breed more foxes to cope with the current shortage.
Paul Flynn (Newport, West) (Lab): May we have a debate on early-day motion 750?

[That this House hails the success of the ban of hunting with dogs; welcomes the demonstration by 184 hunts that the ban does not destroy jobs or traditional pageantry nor result in the destruction of horses or hounds; notes that the only loss is the gratuitous cruelty of the protracted chase of a small mammal bred for that purpose; congratulates the vigilance of the police in arresting a group of alleged hare coursers; and urges farmers and landowners to disregard the request by Master of Foxhounds Association to counter the current shortage of foxes by breeding more animals for hunting.

Such a debate would enable us to congratulate and thank the 184 hunts that last weekend demonstrated the great success of the ban on hunting by proving that there need be no loss of jobs or traditional pageantry, nor any hounds or horses destroyed, and that all that is being lost is the cruelty of a protracted chase. Can we look forward to the electors deciding that that cruelty will never return?

Mr. Hain: I completely endorse my hon. Friend's point. I think that the electorate will want to maintain a ban on cruelty to animals and will not want to vote Conservative for the Hunting Act to be overturned and cruelty to animals to become widespread again.

EDM 13


That this House agrees with Simon Hart, Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, that his organisation would be ridiculed in parliament on the publication of a letter sent by the Masters of Fox Hounds Association to 800 hunt masters warning of the nationwide 'shortage of foxes' and urging landowners to breed more foxes to 'solve the problem'; and welcomes this further evidence that foxhunting is unconnected with pest control but is devoted entirely to sadistic pleasure derived from the protracted torment and death of foxes, bred for that purpose.