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25th October 2007

Well done Newport. We are leading the way as the greenest city in the UK.

The report commissioned for the World Wildlife Fund ranked Newport top out of the 60 British cities by the ecological footprint of their average resident. A WWF spokeswoman said a large part of Newport's success is "down to the individual's choices and the way they spend their money. People in Newport appear to have become active citizens."


Jessica Morden and I have tabled the following EDM in celebration of Newport's fantastic ecological achievements. 

Early day motion

Newport’s ecological footprint

That this House applauds the inspired work of Newport City Council and the people of Newport in achieving top place along with Plymouth for the lowest ecological footprint in the UK; is delighted  Newportonians are best at using public transport, reducing energy waste at home and consuming more locally-produced food; recognises the courageous leadership of the City Council in establishing the best value, most efficient and ecologically sound waste management system in Wales; welcomes the foresight of the people of Newport in leading and  cooperating with the city’s green agenda and looks forward to an intensification of Newport’s brilliant achievements.

This will put new heart and confidence in the City Council’s green agenda. The petty foolish campaign to bring back the weekly bin collection can be firmly rejected. It’s based on falsehoods. The council could not have succeeded without the wholehearted enthusiasm of local people. A green agenda is crucial and popular.

The City of Flowers can continue to develop further as the country’s greenest city.

Yesterday, Jessica raised this with the Prime Minister during Question Time:

Jessica Morden (Newport, East) (Lab): Given that we are being asked to reduce our carbon footprint as part of energy saving week, has the Prime Minister had the chance to see the WWF report that came out yesterday, which ranks Newport as the joint No. 1 greenest city in the UK? Will he commend the residents of Newport and its Labour city council for their efforts to cut their carbon footprint.


The Prime Minister: I applaud Newport, and I applaud what my hon. Friend is doing to promote energy saving. I met the Energy Saving Trust yesterday to talk about the measures that we can take in the future. A huge amount of effort is being made this week to persuade people to take the necessary steps to save energy, whether it involves boiling a kettle, putting things on standby or changing the electric bulbs that they use. I believe that the combination of personal responsibility, public investment in energy saving and the new energy policy that we are adopting will be the best way to secure our climate change agreements. We are also absolutely committed to the European 20 per cent. renewables target.

To measure your carbon footprint visit www.footprint.wwf.org.uk/