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Dorothy Summers 1916-2006

The funeral of the remarkable Dorothy Summers was held today, 3rd January 2007, in the Eton Road Community House, Presbyterian Church of Wales, Newport. Her daughter Val Martin paid a moving beautiful tribute.

Dorothy was the widow of the Rev Councillor Cyril Summers who died nine years ago. Both were lifelong campaigners for peace. At their wedding they omitted the words 'til death us do part' because they believed that death would not part them. Val Martin said she was sure that the spirits of Dorothy and Cyril would be present at the wedding of one of their grandchildren next summer.

In the summer Dorothy celebrated her 90th birthday surrounded by her family and friends. She had a special love of nature and delighted in the views from her home high over Caerleon and the Vale of Usk. She was a teacher and specialised in Domestic Science. Within the last few years she had embarked on many adventurous holidays in the UK and overseas.

Her main interests were in WILPF, the Womens' International League of Peace and Freedom and she was one of the stalwarts of the Newport Branch. The Greenham Commons March spent their first night in Community House in 1981 after an exhilarating evening in Cyril and Dorothy's company. She remained active in mind and body until very recently. Her final illness was brief. She had no wish to linger. She proved her lively broad interests by taking two books into hospital with her. One was the Lives of Eminent Victorians, the other an Ian Rankin murder mystery. She had high praise for quality of service in Gwent from her beloved NHS.

Stressing her commitment to the developing world she asked that donations be made in her memory to
Christian Aid, 5 Station Road, Radyr, Cardiff CF15 8AA
May she rest in peace.