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March 1st 2008

What a glorious St. David’s Day.


Driving past banks of daffodils in the warm spring sunshine this morning listening to Beethoven’s Violin Concerto was an invigorating start to the day.

I was off to a Fairtrade event at the brand new Rivermead community Centre at Afon village. When I was first elected to parliament in 1987, a clapped out, polluting coal burning power station occupied this site. It is now filled with 2,000 attractive modern homes.


In 1988 a man named Casfikis planned to open it. Under privilege I attacked him in parliament and made some telling revelations about his past business career. He had a very interesting life. He left the country and the reopening plan was wreaked.


The power station had been located in a dreadful position on the floor of the valley. Its demolition was a day of joy and celebration for thousands of Rogerstone and Risca residents. Now Afon Village is developing with a fine supermarket, community centre and a brand new railway station.

Literally from the ashes a bright new village has emerged