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Cannabis mythology

4th April 2008

Does cannabis deprivation make journalists stupid?

Yes. Read today’s editorials. Those who know the least, pontificate the most.

Does today’s cannabis contain a new poison? 

No. It concentrates the traditional ingredients from about 4% to about 15%.

Does it do four times as much damage? 

No. Users adjust their intake. In the same way that drinkers don’t gorge tumblers of whisky or  pints of wine, skunk users adjust their intake.


Are cannabis-affected drivers involved in more accidents?

No Cannabis, like alcohol, slows drivers’ reactions. But there is an essential difference. Alcohol promotes aggression and convinces drivers that they are more skilful. Cannabis promotes fear and increases drivers’ caution.  Cannabis drivers are not involved in more accidents.

Why did David Blunkett re-classify cannabis to category ‘C’?

Parents of young people who had died from heroin and cocaine complained that their children did not believe any of the scary warnings. They felt they had been conned by exaggerated warning on cannabis danger and concluded that they could also handle heroin and cocaine. Group ‘C’ for cannabis represents its relative risk compared with Group A Heroin.

Did Blunkett’s move increase use?

No it’s gone down-substantially.


Has there been an increase in cases of schizophrenia?

No there has been very large decrease. But there has been an increase in reports of mental health problems. The Advisory Committee decided on fact not hysteria.

Who is demanding a yo-yo back to class ‘B’?

The tabloids - plus the empire of the prohibition establishment. There are a growing army of people with a vested interest in continuing and intensifying prohibition. It pays their wages, their pensions and promises them jobs and promotion for life.

What will be the effect of reclassification?

Good? Nothing. People use drugs because of mood, fashion, price and disposition not classification.

Bad? It will convince politicians that they have acted tough. It will be a further excuse for not thinking.