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Boxing clever?

It was a great day for the annual visit of the Newport mayoral party to parliament. Last Wednesday was the final question time for the fifth Tory leader that Tony Blair has jousted with at Question time. Ken and Sue Critchley, and deputies Roger and Mrs Jeavons used their time at Westminster to brief Jessica and me on current Newport topics. In the past, the mayor's visit was hosted by the appropriate MP for the major's ward. In future both MPs will have the pleasure of welcoming all mayor regardless of their origins in the Newport East or West.


Last week I had another visit, this time from a trainee journalist who might change her mind and become a veterinary surgeon. Jade Searle is lively and highly intelligent and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of my website.

It was for a radio programme she is preparing. I try to find time for trainee journalist who must practise on somebody. Anyway the subject was an intriguing one. In spite of her slight build and non-macho look Jade Searle is a boxer. She had to grill me about me views on boxing which have been on my website for a few years.

I grilled her back. With your sporting interests and skills why did she not take up a sport that did not awards prizes for destroying brain-cells. There must be better ways of competing rather than inflicting brain damage on your opponents and your self.

Her answer was an interesting one. The male members of her family are all into boxing and she wanted the thrill and excitement of being in a ring. Anyway, athletics was no good because her mother had just come third in a marathon race in Bristol. Who could compete with that?

Her looks do not match the conventional stereotype of the macho women boxer. I am sure nothing I said made any difference to her plans that could leave her body and mind in the same state as Mohammed Ali's. I despair.