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Big Issue - GLC opening

Goldie Looking Chain opened Newport Big Issue office and distribution centre in great 'Clart" style. Maggot and Eggsy reveal their televison secret on Video Life on this website, How did Eggsy become the only loser on the Weakest link to walk away with the money? What does Maggot really think about George Galloway? All is revealed on Video Life- and a lot else. Get the plug-in

Praise was heaped justifiably on the Big Issue Cymru operation in Newport. 'Working not Begging' is the message on the new gear launched. Don't just contribute to Big Issue, but take a copy and read it. They print exclusive news and comment that cannot be seen elsewhere. Big Issue Cymru is the alternative voice in an increasingly supine and failing local press that infantilises its readers.

Rosemary Butler, Paul Flynn and a representative of the Gwent police joined in the opening celebrations.

Big luck! Big Issue!