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31st March 2008

The news caused a great guffaw of laughter. The last MP, the PASC select committee would pay to advise on PR would be Lembit Opik. But he was named by Mike Grannatt of Luther Pendragon as the only MP they employed.

It’s no laughing matter now, because a PR paper checked whether any income had been declared. The Register of Members’ Interests are bare of any mention of the £2,400 Lembit received over the past three years. In cash said Luther Pendragon, by cheque said Lembit.

I know of no circumstances in which a sum of £2,400 should not be declared. It’s likely that the standards committee will investigate this and tells whether Lembit has transgressed.

But nothing silences the irrepressible Lembit. He is in revelatory mood to one Welsh newspaper with a morsel of exclusive breathless gossip about his current attempt to destroy his persona as a serious political figure. He revealed to an under whelmed reporter that in a new series he flaunts an unexpected reticence. He refused to propose marriage to his Cheeky Girl. What else will he refuse to do on live television?

Could this be part of Lembit’s slippery PR skills in trying to kill an embarrassing story with a juicier one. George Galloway produced such a coup at a press conference called to nail his for claiming conference expenses when he worked for a charity. He startled the press by confessing that at the conference he had ‘carnal knowledge of two women’. The hacks lost all interest in his expenses.

This time, Lembit’s non –proposal did not outrank the non-declarations.  Back to the PR training Lembit, with you as the student.