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What remains after Shambo?

27th July 2007

Admiration and revulsion

Admiration for the ideals of the Community of the Many Names of God.  They kept their vows and  celebrated the sanctity and divine nature of all life without violent resistance even when confronted with an act of desecration.

Loss of confidence in the universal mass slaughter of healthy animals and fresh interest in treatments used in other countries.

Revulsion against the almighty power of the farming lobby abetted by Governments that place commercial interests above compassion and animal welfare.

Strengthening of the rejection of the unscientific demand to cull badgers as another act of futile slaughter.

A quickening of interest in the gentle ideals of Hinduism and benign non-violence.

Deepening of community divides caused by a lack of respect for deeply held beliefs.

Disappointment  with inflexible subservient politicians who failed to find an an exceptional solution to an exceptional situation.

The underlying brutality of leading a healthy beautiful animal to slaughter has churned up the deep emotions of millions of people worldwide.

The stinging hypocrisy of police urging people to abandon their protection of Shambo to avoid 'alarming' him and the farmers unions' crocodile tears that slaughter would be kinder than living in a temple.

Alternative Post Mortem refused

Will the true state of Shambo's health be concealed ?

Here's a comment I had

 "I have received a telephone call from one of the Benefactors who has supported the Skanda Vale Monks - he agreed to foot the bill for an independant post mortem to be carried out alongside the WAG post mortem. The Skanda Vale lawyers have advised him that this has been declined by the Welsh assembly although they have said that the vet can observe....

Are these people now a law unto themselves??? Can this be right? The truth MUST come out. I doubt that the WAG will concede that Shambo was free of bTB - we are putting our money on "inconclusive" being their way out of this.

Surely this merits getting out to the Press? Do the people of Wales not consider that if the WAG are prepared to go so far in this issue that they may well close ranks on other issues in the future which might impact more on the lives of the people in general, more so than what I consider to have been the unlawful killing of a temple bull."