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4th August 2009


Newport is ghetto free, even though we have a rich mix of religions, races and languages.


Today I visited a new 'Welsh Crescent' centre for education in the Koran, Islamic studies, Urdu, Arabic and Bengali. It is situated next door to a Polish/Russian food shop whose owner is from Azerbaijan. On the opposite side of the road is a large Irish Club next door to a Mosque. Further own the street is South Wales biggest Afro Caribbean Club.  In London, I lived in area of Portuguese tapas bars and a pub named Vasco da Gama.  Groups cluster in national groups. The speakers of 38 languages are happily living side by side in Newport mainly in the Pillgwenlly area.

Pillgwenlly School open their assembly every morning with a prayer. Half the school pressed their hands together in the Christian tradition. The rest cup them in the Muslim tradition. But the important point is that they are reciting the same