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St Illtyd's

Colin Thomas (above)sent me this memorable photograph. Thanks for all those who have sent in names to paulflynnmp@talk21. There are still lots of gaps and probably mistakes. Please get in touch on Jpeg pictures of how you look now would be appreciated. recent additionnal names thanks to John Greally.

Picture One

Back Row: Paul Sexton, John McCarthy, Bernard Thomas (dcd). Brian Walsh, Vincent Leahy ??? Edwards
FifthRow; Walter Marshall (dcd), David Price, John Colbert
Fourth Row ; Brian Keegan,Terry Worsey, Bernard Ballard
Third row: Gerard McCarthy (dcd), Dennis Cleary, Peter McClean
Second row: Graham 'Jack' Hobbs (dcd). Gerald Drewett, Front Row: Keith Collins, Tony James, Percy Parker, John Williams, Phillip Kingston, 'Paddy' Moore,

Picture One. Fifth row: (fourth left) Michael Walsh. Second row: 1. (isolated, first left) Alan McLean; 2. (being kneed down among front row) Denis Blacker.


fifth Row:John Morron, Peter Wedlake, Henry O'Shea
Fourth Row Francis Sexton, Tom Slugg, .., Norman Thomas, Colin Thomas
Third Row John Murphy (dcd)
Second Row: Peter Walsh
FRONT ROW includes: Tony Curry, Peter Sexton, John Bremford, Michael Milton, Bernard McGrath, John Channon. Reg German



Sixth Row: Bernard Massey, Callaghan, Gerald Newby, Tony Page,
Fifth Row:Abertelli ? Brian Ely,
Fourth Row: Colin Thomas, Brett James (dcd) Neil O'Brien,
Third Row: John Benedict Donovan,Colin Webster, Danny Driscoll, Jim Britton
Second Row: , Kevin Murray (dcd), Paddy McCarthy, John Greally, Brian Barrett,
FRONT ROW includes:John Channon, Reg German, Bernard Walsh, John Daley, Peter Ryan

Picture Three. Second row: 1. (third left) Kevin Murphy; 2. ((first right) David Strudwick. Front row: (second right) Paul Ramsay. Four

, Back Row: Bernard Walsh, Mike Murphy, ..Wilby, Brian Gooding, Bruno Bacigalupo, John Foley, Rolando Malvisis, Peter thomas, Peter Levy,
Fifth Row: Jim Regan, John Donovan,
Fourth Row, Terry McGrath, 31 Mike Strudwick, 32 Mike Glossop, 33 Peter Rees, 34 Tony Broome,36John Penzer,37 Mike MacGrath, 38 Mike Mahoney, 35 Peter O’shea,
Third Row: David Utley, Peter Mc Quade, 49 John Harp, Graham Thomas, Fred Wusterman,
2nd Row, Julius Hermer, Gerry Riordan 50, Peter Clarke 41, Tony Daw, Louis Viney,44 Terry Coulthard,
Front Row: Michael Williams, John MacNab, John O'Shea, Peter Midgley,
Picture four. Second row: 1. (first left, showing only half his face) Alec Cohen; 2. (second right) Eric Gabe. five
Fifth Row: Brian Hillman, Russell Elmer, Brian Hoey,
Fourth row:38 Mike Mahoney, 39 Brynley Francis,
40 Mike Bloxsome 41 Peter Clark,42 Michael Grey, 43 Gerard Sealey,45 Gerry Evans,
Third Row: Edgar Welch, Killeen,.. Paddy Power, Bro. Cyril,Percy Cummings, Bro Luke, Bennie Lynch,
Second row: Billy St Roas, Terry Brooks, Arnold Dickson, John Stuart, Paul Godwin, Ben Moore (dcd)
FRONT ROW includes: Jimmy Hassett (dcd) Paul Nicholls, Eddie Hassett, David McCrae, Ray Hill, Jim Ballard

Picture five. Third row: (third left) Bro Andrew.


Back Row: Paul Gill, Bernard Free Sixth row: ... Cravos, Ray Brown, Tony Page,
Fourth Row:45 Gerry Evans, 47 John Chaytor, 48 Jim Lacey,
Third Row: Bro Vincent, Bro Isadore, Glyn Ashton,
Second Row, Paul Godwin, Ben Moore (dcd), Keith Lewis, John Baylis, Colin Partridge, John Harris,
Front Row Ray Hill, xxx Jim Ballard, David BuLL, Dilwyn Jones,
Seventh row; 60 Richard Perry,
Sixth Row; Brian Goode, Ken read, Bernard Stakis (dcd) John Judd,
Fifth Row: John Samuel, Billy Coughlin, ...Free, Vivian Pope,
Fourth row: Jim Lacey, Jaffa Jenkins,..... Bernard Free. Third Row : Glyn Ashton, Bro Coleman, Jimmy Kennedy, Bro Francis, Martin Cleary, Bro Augustine, Terry Reilly.Bonzo Thomas
Second Row: Peter Stone, Bernard Dimascio, Peter Corcoran, Jim Sweeney, ??? Thomas,
Picture seven. Second row: (second right) Brian Clode. Front Row: John Smith Eight

Back Row: Peter Thomas, ...Garrett, Tom Burns
Fifth Row: 62 Tony Crowley, Roger Byrne, Brian Harris,
Fourth Row: Sylvester Murray,
Third Row:Myrtle Greenway, Mike Fennell, Lew Read (Blotto)
Second row: David Barry, John Driscoll, Conrad O’Donoghue, Jim Kent (dcd) , 63 Vincent Kane, 64 Steve Williams. Paul Bourge.
First Row: Paul Donovan,Tony Turner Jim Spillane (dcd), George Phillips (dcd) 65 Paul Flynn.

Fifth Row 66 John Pinchin,67 Rod Connors, 68 Billy Crowley, ,
Fourth row: Peter Mulcahy, Eddie Donovan, 70 Tony Luff, 71 Brian Klee.
Third Row:John Kilminster, John Hickey, 69 Gerry Thomas
Second row: Benny Bowen, Eugene O’Sullivan, David Morris, Denis Duffin, Billy Kelly
Front row: Paul Flynn, John Roblin, ****** Beames, Raymond Finn (dcd) Picture nine. Third row (second left) Brian Kent. Ten

Sixth Row:92 Wally Marsh,
Fifth Row: .... Crowley Dennis Curran,
Fourth Row: 93 John Carney, Albert Dix,
Third Row: ...roblin, Paul Gill

second row: Billy Carter, Peter Anzani, Bill Morgan,
Colin Roberts, Paddy Doyle


Fifth Row: Tommy Faqhuarson,..90 Liam Smith,
Fourth Row: 94 Michael Ryan,
Third Row Dan O’Neill
Second Row: Tony Gentile, George Payne, Colin Penman, Mostyn Perry, Colin Robert, xxx, John Griffin,
Front Row Brian Robson, Keith McJennett, Gary Sullivan. Brian Yarwood,

1V Science Class-courtesy of Colin Roberts
Info from Mike Walsh:-
In photo eleven sitting next to Colin Roberts on his LHS is Tony Gibbs
4th Row Driscoll-Frank Day-Dennis Duffin-Kelly-- Mike Walsh --Tony Gibbs
3rd Row Colin Bloom -Penman--Donohue--xxx--xxx-xxx--Bobby Canham--xx
2ndRow xxx--G.Payne--xxx--xxx-xxxDenis Price--Vincent Price--Denis Edwards
Fr.Row Colin Roberts-Mostyn Perry xxx-Danny Whelan--Tony Gentile

Summer 2003 John Hennessy, P.F. and Father Gerald Moorcraft

Summer 1951 . On the summit of Plymlymon. St Illtyd's sixth form outing. (?) Jack Kennedy, John McNabb, Bennie Bowen, John Bremford, Gerald Moorcraft, Paul Flynn.

Gerald Moorcraft at 70.

John Hennessy, Anna Hennessy, Mike Collins (from Spain),Celia Sparkes, PF, Gerald Moorcraft Vincent MacCormac (from Essex).

Second Rugby XV 1951-52

Thanks to John Hennessy for the above. The names left to right, top to bottom are, we believe:-
Terry O'Neill, Eddie Hassett, Mike Yowlett, Robert McGhee, ??? Lewis, Geoff (Jaffa) Jenkins, John Bremford. Mike Beames,

Terry O'Neill, Peter Walsh, Martin Bell, Jimmy Ballard, Geoff Drewitt, John Lacey, John Madden, John Hennessy,

Jimmy Cotter, John Daley

Corrections invited

Kevin Doherty's class photograph at St Illtyd’s, probably 1946 or 1947

Who?, Who?, Terry Coopey, Paul Sexton, Who,? Peter Jones, Peter McClean, Denis Cleary, Billy Crowley

Who?, Who, Steve Brooks, Who?, Denis Daley, Kevin Doherty, John Martin, Jim Smith?

John Brown?, John McCarthy, Bernard Wilby, Peter O’Hanlon, Albert Dix, Denis Curran, Alan Merrett, Who?

Bernard Lane, John Pinchin, Fitzgerald?, Who?, Bernard Widlake

Rugby – School 2nd XV 1950/1951

Mike Ryan, Who?, David Uttley, John Nelmes, Who?, Paul Nicholls, Who?

Donovan, Peter McQuaid, another Donovan, Kevin Doherty (captain), Roberts, Jim Lacey, Tom Slugg

                                    Who?                                                                 Gerald Drewett


The Sixth Form at St Illtyd’s in 1949/1950 or 1950/1951

Bernard Lane, John Benedict Donovan, John Martin, John Cotter, Mike Ryan, Colin Thomas, Gerald Seeley,

Geoffrey (‘Jaffa’) Jenkins, Frank Sexton, Who? Mike Mullane, Gerard McCarthy, John Kane, J. B. Jenkins? Denis Daley, Kevin Doherty, Raymond Vick, Michael Mahony, Michael Collins, Roy Hunt, Tom Rees.

Gerry Evans, Mike Bloxsome, John McCarthy, Walter Marsh, Anthony Cunningham, Dick Perry (head prefect) Albert Dix, Peter Clark, Henry O’Shea, John Callaghan, Tony Crowley

The Upper Sixth at St Illtyd’s in 1950/1951

Mike Bloxsome, Gerry Evans, Michael Mullane, Tony Crowley, Tom Slugg

John Benedict Donovan, Peter Sexton, Colin Thomas, Michael Mahoney, Geoffrey Jenkins, Kevin Doherty, John Cotter

Gerard McCarthy, Michael Collins, Rod Connors, Michael Ryan (head prefect), Denis Daley, Albert Dix, Michael Colbert