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Great for Welsh Renewables

Nuclear decision - good for Welsh renewables

Paul Flynn MP Newport West said : "Greenpeace’s victory in the High Court is good news for Welsh renewables - especially the neglected tidal power.

The Government was pressurised into a premature pro-nuclear decision before all the alternatives were properly considered. Nuclear power has never paid its way. It’s expensive, unpopular and will cost a fortune to protect against terrorism.

Tidal power has vast potential in many forms - mills, lagoons and barrages. The power source is abundant in around the Welsh coast and and especially in the Bristol Channel It’s clean, non-polluting and eternal. The court’s decision gives a breathing space for the full value of tidal power to be appreciated."

One calculation is a Severn Barrage could generate 12% of the UK's electricity need. The Rance Barrage in Britany has been generating some the cheapest electricity in the world for 37 years, without missing a single tide. its equipment is still in pistine condition. While there are objections to developments on the scale of the Severn Barrage, other smalll scale mills, lagoons are practical short-term propositions. A chain of these around the Welsh coast could utilise pulses of tidal energy throughout the 24 hours of demand - storing energy at off-peak times by pumping water into storage lakes at the heads of the south Wales valleys. Power could then be generated by allowing the water to flow downstream during times of peak demand. "