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Recall Parliament

Recall Parliament -says Newport MP

Paul Flynn MP Newport West is demanding the recall of parliament along with nearly 100 other MPs.

He said ‘The Middle East crisis is potentially catastrophic for world peace. The voice of the elected people of Britain must not be stifled. Britain must be even-handed in this dispute. There is evidence of the UK taking a subservient role and acting in collusion with one side. There is anger that the UK did not join other countries in pressing for a ceasefire in the early stages of the conflict.

It's a myth that MPs spend the recess sunning themselves on extended holidays. The great majority are concentrating on constituency work and are available to return to Westminster. There has been a groundswell of anger and frustration against the UK's role in this crisis. That view must be heard in parliament.

The demand will be made in a letter to Jack Straw, the leader of the Commons. The Speaker will take the decision, on the recommendation of the government.

The Guardian reports:-

Wednesday August 9, 2006

Up to 100 MPs, most of them Labour, are to demand an immediate recall of parliament to debate the crisis in Lebanon because of growing fears about the government's strategy.

The call is expected to come in the next 48 hours and its organisers have been in discussion with the Liberal Democrat and Scottish Nationalist parties. Negotiations are also under way with campaign groups backing the call for an immediate ceasefire that attracted the support of 200 MPs.

Jon Trickett, chairman of the Compass group of 50 leftwing MPs and a force behind the appeal, said: "In this crisis, parliament needs to speak for the nation. We are living in a 24/7 society, yet our parliament seems so ossified that it goes into recess for 11 weeks and there seems no way for backbenchers to bring MPs back."