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Willie waving and Wild Wayne ?

11 March 2007

"Voting to impose a new multi £thousand nuclear tax on every British family would be a dangerous incitement to Iran and North Korea to beef up their nuclear plans" said Paul Flynn MP Newport West speaking on Radio Wales.

Well it was only an energetic forceful two-fingered prod - but it was violence.

The peace loving Caerphilly MP Wayne David had a spasm of Trident rage on live TV. It was only finger wagging when we had an exchange of views on the AM/PM programme on Wednesday. The thump came afterwards. For a fleeting moment, I contemplated reeling back in football style, rolling over squealing in pain, pathetically whimpering about assault on a PPC (poor pathetic cripple).

What enraged him was not his own below par defence of the decision to adorn Tony's legacy but his impression that I had ratted on a deal not to interrupt him. In the seconds before the live interview, it was agreed I would answer the first questions and Wayne the second. 'I won't interrupt you, don't interrupt me" he suggested. I did not reply. This is probably the latest wheeze from the Uber-Blairite interview technique handbook.

My case was on the line of my Early Day Motion - a sinful waste of money. In a few years time , we will explain that there is no extra money left for schools and hospitals because we have squandered it on Trident and the Olympics...making the world a more dangerous place by inciting North Korea, Iran and other other small nations to beef up their nuclear plans.. a virility symbol to solve the threat of the past cold war and irrelevant for the problems of today and tomorrow, global warming, the divide of the Muslim - Christian worlds and the likely conflicts between the poor world where millions die of starvation and the rich world where millions die of obesity.

Wayne exploded into a personal tirade about my 'always been a unilateralist' 'a disgrace for voting against Labour party policy This was a lunacy too far. By hook but mostly by crook, The Labour Party has denied any debate or vote on Trident. Gordon Prentice MP has pleaded with the party to do this and powerfully expressed his anger later in the debate. Interrupting Wayne to expose this giant calumny was a positive duty. I said that most Labour members oppose Trident but they have been gagged. A little bird told me afterwards that only two members of Wayne's local party had favoured Trident. Strange Wayne did not mention this.

It made a lively bit of television. Dragon's Eye kindly replayed it on Friday. Perhaps they will do it again. Meanwhile, I will raise a glass this weekend to Welsh MPs Dai Harvard and Chris Rhuane who voted for their consciences, not their careers.

Nuclear Tax That this House believes that an early decision on Trident would be premature, imposing a new multi thousand pound nuclear tax on every British family, inciting Iran, North Korea and other states to beef up their nuclear plans, thus increasing the likelihood of nuclear conflict: notes that present Trident will be efficiently operational to at least 2024: urges the Government to prepare for the crises of the future not the past, including global warming, the Christian - Muslim divide and conflicts between poor nations where millions die of starvation and rich nations where many die of obesity.

'Wednesday's vote is about adorning the Prime Minister's legacy, a piece of vain willie waving that threatens progress in the world wide reduction of nuclear tension. Already several countries have abandoned their nuclear plans including South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and Belarus as a contribution to denuclearisation and making the world safer.

Britain is not being called on to abandon anything and there is no need for a rushed decision. Our present weapons will be effective for at least 18 more years the Government confirms, 50 years say some international military experts.

Wasting uncounted £billions in tarting up our nuclear virility symbol is irrelevant to the perils facing the planet. Real threats are from global warming, terrorism and future conflicts between poor nations where people die of starvation and rich nations where people die of obesity.

Those Labour MPs who were persuaded to vote for Britain to join Bush's War in Iraq will think carefully before following the Prime Minister's rhetoric this time. If parliament had voted against the British involvement in 2003, Saddam Hussein would still have been deposed by the Americans, but 150 British soldiers would not have lost their lives. Chaos, bloodshed and increased terrorism are the real costs of that vote for war.

The Government have tried to polarise the debate by pretending that opponents wish to abandon Britain's nuclear 'insurance.' That is not the choice on Wednesday. The choice is whether we reduce or increase the nuclear threat.