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Virility symbol and zombies

November 2006

Zombies, foreign policy, Trident, and Government policy. Sounds like Westminster.

Timing will decide Trident Decision

Timing will decide Trident decision. The present Trident can operate effectively until, at least, 2024. Parliament is being rushed into a hugely expensive decision for one reason only - to adorn the prime ministerial legacy.

America may well abandon Trident in the next few years as an anachronism. In the last century it was justified because it was not detectable in the depths of the ocean. Now sophisticated hydrophones can locate submarines by their noise prints and they can be found and neutralise by an enemy.

Why should taxpayers shell out ten of £billions for the self gratification of politicians seeking a comforting national virility symbol ? A decision could be delayed for years while Britain remains defended. No-one has produced any plausible future scenario in which Britain would need a nuclear weapon independently of the USA. Certainly not against terrorism, in Iraq, Afghanistan or the numerous civil wars that need our peackeeping troops.

Replacing Britain’s Trident would put us into greater peril. Many unstable small states could then justify their acquiring their own nuclear missiles.”.

In recognition of some of the biggest issues facing us in the next few months and years the following Early Day Motions were put down on 28 November 2006. They have already attracted support - to see how they fare you can always check the Parliament website.

EDM 320


Flynn, Paul 11 signatures Bottomley, Peter [R] Campbell, Gregory Cryer, Ann Hancock, Mike Hopkins, Kelvin Meale, Alan Prentice, Gordon Spink, Bob Taylor, David Vis, Rudi

That this House is shocked by the atrociously poor returns on the £95 billion invested in closed zombie funds that are impoverishing small investors of 13 million pension, small savings and endowment policies; is appalled that after these funds were purchased, principally by firms run by Mr Clive Cowdrey and Mr Hugh Osmond, tens of millions of pounds have been milked from them by city financiers while savers' losses continue and they remain trapped into the funds by swinging exit charges of up to 20 per cent; believes that the losses suffered will be on a similar scale to those suffered in the private pension and endowment mis-selling scandals; and calls for an urgent investigation by the Financial Services Authority.


EDM 323


Flynn, Paul 12 signatures Caton, Martin Corbyn, Jeremy Cryer, Ann Drew, David Hopkins, Kelvin Prentice, Gordon Riordan, Linda Spink, Bob Taylor, David Vis, Rudi Wareing, Robert N

That this House notes that the present Trident British system can be operated efficiently until at least 2024; and believes that no decision should be taken on its replacement or renewal until there has been at least 12 months of discussion of all options.


EDM 324


Flynn, Paul 11 signatures Bottomley, Peter Caton, Martin Corbyn, Jeremy Cryer, Ann Drew, David Hancock, Mike Hopkins, Kelvin Jackson, Glenda Vis, Rudi Wareing, Robert N

That this House believes that the UK should have an independent foreign policy.

But before you log off in despair there is cause for some celebration!

EDM 319


Flynn, Paul 4 signatures Cryer, Ann Harris, Evan Vis, Rudi

That this House congratulates the Government on the success of its courageous reforms of the licensing laws enacted despite widespread hostility from opposition parties, the public and press; welcomes the halving of drugs deaths since 2001 following the Portuguese government's courageous decision to depenalise drugs against similar opposition; regrets that illegal drug use, crime and deaths persist at high levels in the United Kingdom; recognises the waste and futility of using the criminal justice system against drug addicts; and urges the Government to summon up the courage to challenge popular prejudice and adapt health solutions that have reduced drugs harm elsewhere.