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Rogerstone Eco-wonder





Rogerstone Primary school was completely destroyed by arsonists in 2003. It was a dreadful shock for the children, staff and parents.

The school was decanted along the motorway to spare

space in Westfield school in Malpas. It was a period of great anxiety. But parents, staff and children rallied round. The Parents Association organised many fund raising events.

Now a new Rogerstone Community Primary School has risen from the ashes. The old school was a bog-standard 1974 system built flat roofed one. The new school is a marvellous eco-building.

In June 2007 the school was presented with a Green flag. The roof of the school is made from sedum plant. The plant absorbs the rain water which is used as “grey water” to flush the toilets. The school has solar panels and automatic windows and lights. Natural ventilation and maximum natural light creates a feeling of space.

They are also keen to attract and sustain different types of wildlife such as rabbits, foxes and frogs. The School recycles and reuses whenever possible.
Rogerstone Primary has an Eco-Committee which is made up from children from each class and a teacher representative. They monitor how eco-friendly the school is and meet fortnightly to discuss problems and achievements.

Green Flag award winners will have given Eco-Schools a high priority within the school. The Eco-Committee will have direct links to the governing body and Eco-School activities will be integrated into most aspects of school life and the curriculum. The school has a central 'street' that joins its spacious entrance hall to the classrooms.




Rogerstone Eco-code
1. Care for our school environment
2. Always put rubbish in the bin.
3. Recycle white and coloured paper.
4. Recycle plastic.
5. Compost fruit leftovers.
6. Keep to pathways.
7. Look after school resources.
8. Save energy - check the doors are closed.
9. Walk to school-share a car when possible.