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Save our Passport Office

16 October 2010


In the traditional manner, Newport has today expressed anger and outrage at the planned theft of our jobs. The march, organised in opposition to the proposed closure of Newport’s Passport Office, started at 10.30am outside the Westgate Hotel, and proceeded through Skinner Street, Upper Dock Street, Corn Street and Commercial Street before ending with a rally in John Frost Square.

Already 2,000 people have signed the South Wales Argus petition, SAVE OUR PASSPORT OFFICE.

Newport and Wales is united. We will not suffer an unfair burden from cuts that should be evenly shared. Newport Passport workers have a great 43 year record of exemplary service – loyal, innovative and pioneering. It should be a two way street. They deserve loyalty back from government - not a kick in the teeth. Once the regional office is closed, it will never be reopened.

The previous minister Meg Hillier is horrified at the damage that 250 job losses will do. She told me this week, “I met many of the women and men in the Welsh Passport Office when I visited. Newport was always known as the 'can-do' office. When new processes had to be trialled, it was always Newport who was up for it".

Next week, Newport's two MPs are taking the campaign to the Government. Meetings have been arranged to meet the Home Office and Welsh office ministers. Today’s rally has been an inspiration.

They must not steal our jobs