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Feb 2006

Today (1st of February) the following early day motion is published on the Commons Order Paper.

That this House call for a fresh independent inquiry into the reasons for Britain’s involvement in Bush’s war on Iraq, acknowledges that the world is a better place after the overthrow of the despot Saddam Hussein but a poorer one after the deaths of uncounted Iraqis, 2241 Americans and the 100 Britons whose lives were lost as a direct consequence of the vote by honourable Members of 18th March 2003 including

Captain Philip Guy, Naval Rating Ian Seymour, Warrant Officer Second Class Mark Stratford, Marine Sholto "Sonic" Hedenskog,; Lance Bombardier Llywelyn "Welly" Evans,; Colour Sgt John Cecil, Major Jason Ward, Sergeant Les Hehir, Lt Philip Green, Lt Tony King, Lt James Williams, Lt Philip West, Lt Marc Lawrence, Lt Andrew Wilson, Flight Lt Kevin Main, Flight Lt Dave Williams, Sapper Luke Allsopp, Staff Sergeant Simon Cullingworth, Sergeant Steven Roberts, Lance Corporal Barry "Baz" Stephen, Corporal Stephen John Allbutt, Trooper David Jeffrey Clarke, Matty Hull, Royal Marine Christopher Maddison, Lance Corporal Shaun Brierley, Major Stephen Alexis Ballard, Staff Sergeant Chris Muir, Lance Corporal Karl Shearer, Kelan John Turrington, Lance Corporal Ian Malone, Piper Christopher Muzvuru, Lt Alexander Tweedie, Lance Corporal James McCue, Private Andrew Kelly, Gunner Duncan Pritchard, Corporal David Shepherd, Leonard Harvey, Sergeant Simon Alexander Hamilton-Jewell, Corporal Russell Aston and Corporal Paul Graham Long, Corporal Simon Miller, Lance-Corporal Benjamin John McGowan Hyde, Lance-Corporal Thomas Richard Keys, Captain James Linton, Private Jason Smith, , Captain David Jones, Major Matthew Titchener, Warrant Officer Colin Wall, Corporal Dewi Pritchard, Fusilier Russell Beeston, Sergeant John Nightingale, Corporal Ian Plank, Private Ryan Thomas, Major James Stenner, Sergeant Norman Patterson, Lance Corporal Andrew James Craw, Rifleman Vincent Calvin Windsor, Sapper Robert Thomson, Corporal Richard Thomas David Ivell, Fusilier Gordon Gentle, Flight Lieutenant Kristian Gover, Private Christopher Gordon Rayment, Private Lee O’Callaghan, Private Marc Ferns, Lance Corporal Paul Thomas, Fusilier Stephen Jones, Corporal Marc Taylor, Gunner David Lawrence,. Private Kevin Thomas McHale, Staff Sergeant Denise Rose Private Paul Lowe, Sergeant Stuart Gray, Private Scott McArdle, Private Pita Tukatukawaqa, Acting Chief Petty Officer Simon Owen Sergeant Paul Connolly, Squadron Leader Patrick Marshall, Flight Lieutenants David Stead, Andrew Smith and Paul Pardoel Master Engineer Gary Nicholson, Flight Sergeant Mark Gibson ,Sergeant Robert O’Connor, Corporal David Williams, Acting Lance Corporal Steven Jones, of Private Mark Dobson, Guardsman Anthony John Wakefield, Lance Corporal Brackenbury, Signaller Paul William Didsbury, Second Lieutenant Richard Shearer, Private Phillip Hewett, Private Leon Spicer, Fusiliers Donal Anthony Meade and Stephen Robert Manning, Major Matthew Bacon, Captain Ken Masters, Sergeant Chris Hickey, Sergeant John Jones, Lance Corporal Alan Douglas and Corporal Gordon Alexander Pritchard.