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Mount Pleasant School, Rogerstone astonished and delighted me this morning.  A large part of the Assembly was skilfully conduced in Welsh which was fully understood  by the children. The headmaster’s certificates were distributed to children for a wide range of good deeds.

The format that I use to persuade the children to debate hot issues. I am the Speaker with lots of “Order! Order!” The children practise braying like Daleks in best MP style. The first topic to be voted on the ice breaker key one of ‘Is Homer Simpson a good father?’ Both classes voted Homer a ‘bad father.’

Other topics are chosen by the children. Some were predictable-bringing troops home from Iraq War (for), fox hunting (against), banning school tuck shops from selling sweets and chocolates (overwhelmingly against). Others were surprising - banning dangerous electric cars (for), cutting down trees (against) and introducing a three day weekend (for).

The children were eager to speak. Unlike the real House of Commons the debates were all lively and courteous. But the best moment was at the end of the final session.

100_1738I asked them to guess what the three greatest worries are of children in an African School. It’s twinned with Bassaleg Comprehensive. There the mains worries in answer to a questionnaire were, spots( zits), designer labels and bullying.  The children guessed correctly that in Africa the worries are whether their parents would die of disease/ AIDS, shortage of water and shortage of food.

Well done staff and pupils.