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Words used in a Commons EDM 18 months ago are banned now!

The tallest MP ever, the member for Shrewsbury is also one of the most tedious. Daniel Kawczynski is 6 feet 8 1⁄2 inches tall. His prime role in the Commons is as the mouthpiece of the farmers' unions. However greedy, inane or self-serving their press releases are Tall Dan will obediently reproduce them as Early Day Motions. Last week he challenged David Milliband's plea that taxpayers should not continue to shell £billions in handouts to farmers for eternity.

His EDM started:

That this House notes with concern the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' recent comments that subsidy for farmers should be removed by 2020... drivel, ...drivel…

I decided to exocet it with an amendment. Every time an MP signs Kawczynski's motion my amendment will be printed, hopefully deadening its effect. The words I was allowed to table were: -

Add `applauds the practical courageous attempt by the Secretary of State for the Environment to lead the farming industry out of its victim dependency culture; believes that taxpayers should not be forced to pay a farm tax of subsidies, support and free insurance of £700 annually by every average family, especially now that single payments are hand-outs for owning land rather than producing food; recalls that the minor relevance of British meat farmers was demonstrated when British meat production ceased for six months during the foot and mouth outbreak, creating no shortages of meat or increases in supermarket prices; notes the misuse of taxpayers' money as state charity and income support for millionaires including, between 2002 and 2004, sums of £2.2 million to Sir Richard Sutton, £1.5 million to the Vestey family, £2.5 million to Alan Turner, £900,000 each to the Duke of Radnor, the Earl of Plymouth and the Duke of Richmond, £799,000 to the Duke of Westminster and £300,000 to the Duchy of Cornwall'.

When a similar EDM was accepted 18 months ago, one of the subsidised billionaires was “Her Majesty the Queen” who had £700,000. The Table Office refused to include the Queen this time. How could it be permitted then and not now? I am on the case.