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Greening Baneswell

The Newport suburb of Baneswell was known in the sixties as a 'twilight' area. There were plans for wholesale demolition of the terraced streets built in the nineteenth century.

Two wise and energetic councillors, the late Aubrey Hames and John Marsh fought to retain the homes and invest in them. They won. Baneswell is now a much sought after 'sunrise' area. Most homes are owner occupied and are being lovingly maintained and improved. The threatened terrace homes are now trendy cottage town houses and command high values.

On the 22nd July the dreamchild of the chairman of the Baneswell Community Centre Mike Burrows, a new play area, was opened.

It has been Mike's dream for 20 years to invest in the site as a new addition to the Greening of Baneswell. Mike was the original driving force in acquiring the old church premises for community use. Recent investment on the Gem Park and the Mouse Park have transformed the area into an even better place in which to to live - and to play